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Truly Seamless Solvent/Remover is a safe and easy way to remove our seamless tape system. The all natural lanolin and citrus oils quickly break down the tape compound, allowing you to easily remove the system with no damage or breakage to your clients hair. Check out our Re-Application Page for all the supplies needed to remove and/or re-tape the Truly Seamless hair extensions system.

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Product Description

DIRECTIONS:  Spray a generous amount of remover on both the top and the bottom of each adhesive strip, starting the first strip until you get to the last strip. Reaction time in as little as 20 minutes depending on length of wear and adhesive build-up.  Be sure to wait a minimum of 20 minutes, and then go back and re-saturate each strip again starting from the original first to the last. Once last strip is sprayed, return back to the first strip and begin massaging your fingers over the tape, you will feel the hair begin to move on the strip, at which point use any rat tail comb to get underneath the hair, and lift it off the tape. Slide each strip out. Shampoo and rinse the client thoroughly. If there is any leftover residue in the hair, either use the remaining remover and pour it directly on the hair, and add your shampoo and squeegee it out from the root, or use the Cleaner and spray it on the hair for at least an additional 5 mins, and then shampoo out the residue.

Do not use or store near open flame. External use only. Do not apply to irritated skin. Avoid eye contact.  Keep out of reach of children.  Pre-test areas before using

CONTAINS: Organic Wetting Agents, Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Citrus Oils, and Lanolin


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1.5oz, Gallon