Listen up!!!
I have been an extension SPECIALIST for the last 14 years. I have searched high and low for the best product from Great Lengths, to Cinderella Hair to even other so-called seamless extensions. I finally found the best, Truly Seamless by Thicken It Studios!! It’s not reusable because it doesn’t have to be! It last 3 months! The other so-called seamless reusable’s have to be redone every 3 weeks! By the time you reuse it the 3rd time, the hair is a mess. And who wants to be bothered with removing and re-installing every 3 weeks, trying to find the exact spot where you put the tracks last time. AND Truly Seamless doesn’t have a backing so you can’t feel it in the hair. It’s fully seamless. I love that I can custom order it in almost any texture. I  can use it on straight hair, textured hair, and even curly hair. It’s just the best thing since sliced bread.

Simone Edouard

I have been a client for several applications and the system is like no other!!!! You can not feel them in the hair at all. If you run your hands down the hair there is no shedding. The hair really comes to blend best after 2 shampoos.

Denver, Co
I am a salon owner, I am impressed with this product. It really does what you want. 30 minute application with 20 minute removal. This by far is the Best Hair on the market.

I have been doing extensions for a long time and nothing even comes close.

Best Regards,
Jessica and George
Laguna Beach

Hi guys,

I wanted to thank you for your time and education while putting in my new extensions. I have had every other method of hair extension applied to my hair, none of which, were as efficient, in both time and money. The quality along with the color are perfect! I am loving my long locks and having the versatility of wavy and straight keeps it fun.

Thanks again,
Ericka Thelin

I was nervous bring a new line into the salon!!! After seeing a demonstration I was hooked. It was Simple and Fun, I was able to blend the colors and color the hair if needed. This is the best system with No Damage!!!!
I have new clients and everyone is loving them.

Thank You So Much,
Lisa and John